This is all the average in California so can be different in other areas

1. Wedding Photographer: $96,097

                2. Commercial Photographer: $49,845

                3.  Portrait Photographer: 44,705

                4. Travel Photographer: $72,394 depends where you ay

                5. Photojournalist: 30,367

                6. Sports Photographer: $47,311

                7.  Wildlife Photographer: $40,676.

                8. Fashion Photography:  41,461

                9. Fine Art Photography: 40,431

              10: Press Photographer: $48,253

Out of all the ones I have seen I really like fashion photography. I don’t know if I’d be good at it but I really like taking pictures of other people especially if they look/feel pretty. It also makes decent money, but I feel look so fun. If you see magazines and stuff, they always come out so good and pretty.

Henri Cartier Bresson


Telling a story using photography. Even though it’s now mostly just photos videos can also still be considered. The job is mostly for the news or they can just work for themselves to show people what is happening in the world. They tend to need a big backpack with two camera bodies. You would also need like a light for maybe flash, tripod so you don’t have it shaky with your hands and a memory card, so you don’t lose anything.


I didn’t know how I felt with the other one but personally I think I like these more just wasn’t sure if I did the assignment right or not

We now have empty shelves because people keep stocking up
A rule that is so easy to follow but not a of people do
Our new needed essentials